Designing Key Visuals & Creative Merchandise: The Dos and Don’ts

The first event in a series of two workshops sharing real field experience in designing key visual and creative merchandise for the contestants of VFCD 2021 Graphic Design Contest

The workshop will be facilitated by Hands Collective – a design agency that has worked closely with UNESCO – an organizer of VFCD 2021.

Targeted participants: Contestants of VFCD 2021 Graphic Design Contest: Key Visual & Creative Merchandise; Students majoring in Graphic Design and young designers; People interested in designing and VFCD. 

Facilitator: Hands Collective – a design agency that has worked closely with UNESCO and a number of prestigious companies and organisations. They also joined VFMD 2019 as a speaker. 


⬥ Sharing real field experience in designing through prominent projects which the speakers worked on, with a focus on those requiring key visuals, brand identity, and various interactive applications on communication platforms and merchandise. The workshop will propose solutions, starting from analysing the contest topic to creative solutions from thinking to the designing process and making realistic adjustments – similar to the design requirements for VFCD 2021. 

⬥ Offering feedback for contest entries (contestants will need to register in advance), so that the contestants will have time to adjust and complete their entries before submitting to VFCD organizers.


Workshop agenda

⬥ How Hands Collective analyse/conduct research on the materials and designing process for prominent, “difficult” yet rewarding projects. 

⬥ Suggestions on how to tackle the topic: the topic of VFCD 2021 is “Creative Future”, and the key visual is expected to be something that is heading towards the future, contemporary yet still based on heritage. Where to start then?

⬥ For interactive designs, what to keep in mind in the creative process?

⬥ From idea to reality, what are the dos and don’ts?

⬥ Q&A with workshop participants

⬥ Feedback and recommendations for contestants (*)


*Note: Feedback and recommendations are expert opinions only. This does not affect the selection process of the contest jury. 


Notice when joining the workshop:

⬥ The workshop will be livestreamed on VFCD 2021 fanpage. This means possible contest entries and feedback will be exposed to a large audience. Contestants should be aware of the risks and opportunities when joining this workshop.  

⬥ For security measures, people participating in the workshop at the location need to:

⬥ Provide full name and age according to their ID card. 

⬥ Arrive at least 30 minutes before the event for registration and screening at the security gate. All procedures will be carried out in a friendly and convenient manner.


About VFCD Graphic Design Contest 2021: Key Visual & Creative Merchandise

The first graphic design contest for Vietnamese youth hosted by Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021 started from 14th June 2021 to 3rd August 2021. The submission deadline is 18th July 2021. The contest challenges young people aged 18 to 30 to define and express a strong presence for VFCD 2021 with the theme “Creative Future”.

The winning contestant/group will receive a cash prize of 25,000,000 VND (25 million dong), a certificate with the head of the Festival organizers; be presented as the “Creative Partner” of VFCD 2021; and be invited as a speaker for a public talk on their design idea for VFCD 2021.


12.07.21 • 15.00→17.00
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Livestream on VFCD and UNESCO Facebook


GOUNH Green One UN House
304 Kim Ma, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
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