VFCD Graphic Design Contest 2021: Key Visual & Creative Merchandise

A graphic design contest for young Vietnamese people launched by the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021 for the first time is running from 14 June to 3 August 2021. The submission deadline is 21 July 2021.

VFCD Graphic Design Contest 2021: Key Visual & Creative Merchandise is a theme-based contest that challenges young participants to define and express a strong presence for VFCD 2021 under the theme Creative Future: How the cultural and creative industries enhance the social and economic development of Vietnam and promote the smart development of Vietnam’s major cities.


About the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design (VFCD)

The VFCD is a series of inspirational, informative events and diverse creative experiences initiated by RMIT Vietnam, in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Vietnam National Institute of Culture & Arts Studies (VICAS), COLAB Vietnam and other partners. The Festival is an opportunity for creative organisations and individuals to connect and celebrate their unique talents and contributions to the Vietnamese creative culture. The Festival program includes cultural heritage exploration tours, talks/seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and various online activities that allow anyone from anywhere to join. The Festival also emphasizes the message of creativity, cultural identity and resources of Vietnam generally. 


The Festival has been attracted the attention and participation of: 

⬥ Young people: university students studying or being interested in cultural and creative fields 

⬥ Creative practitioners: people working in the cultural and creative fields (artists, designers, agencies/start-ups, …) 

⬥ Others with interests in Vietnamese cultures and creativity 

*More details about VFCD can be found here.



The VFCD Organiser is looking for a design idea which: 

  1. is visually contemporary, stylish, exciting and inspiring to the public; 
  2. is easily adaptable to various media platforms and materials; 
  3. can promote Vietnamese identity and culture with creativity and innovation.



Individuals who are Vietnamese citizens, aged from 18 – 30, living in Vietnam and other countries, studying and/or working in the design and creative department, regardless of gender, and education level.



Date & Time Activity
14.06.21 Contest Launch
Start to receive the design proposals
21 → 27.06.21 Creative Workshops (tentative)
21.07.21 (23:59) Submission deadline
25.07.21 (tentative) Top 5 announcement 
31.07.21 (tentative) Finale round: pitching/direct presentation to the jury
03.08.21 Winner announcement via press release and online media channels owned by VFCD and Hanoi Grapevine



     1. Submission:

A submission must be in pdf (resolution 300ppi), no more than 10Mb, includes the contents to be arranged as below:

⬥ Page 1: to present your profile (portfolio): summary of personal information, and implemented graphic design works (if any)

⬥ Page 2 – 3 – 4 – 5: to present design contents including:

⬦ Page 2: a 200-word demonstration of the design concept in either English/ Vietnamese/ bilingual English – Vietnamese and its key visual

⬦ Page 3: application on poster (at least 1 landscape design and 1 portrait design)

⬦ Page 4: collection of social media assets at least including: 1 facebook cover, 1 profile photo frame, 1 Facebook-Instagram post template

⬦ Page 5: at least 1 design mockup for at least 1 merchandise (for example: tote bag, masks…)

Note: this template must be used for submission and you can take reference at this sample.

⬥ Use the correct VFCD & Organisers’ standard logo files as here to put in the designs.

⬥ Graphic elements must be in vector format

⬥ NO limits for total application designs into a submission.

⬥ Title your submission file as: Full name_Mobile number

⬥ Candidates are not allowed to use images available on Stock sources, except the mockup.

⬥ File format: pdf (resolution 300ppi) & no more than 10Mb

     2. Others:

⬥ Participants can be joining the contest as individuals or groups of max 3 members.

⬥ Entries must ensure intellectual property rights, do not accept copying.

⬥ The organisers have full rights to use the winning designs, not responsible for issues related to copyright disputes.

⬥ Contestants are not allowed to use the design concept of the winning design for design purposes for other clients.

⬥ Prizes for invalid works (if any) will be revoked if it is found to be fraudulent or pirated.

⬥ After submitting the work, the candidates will receive a confirmation email and the entries will be forwarded to the judging panel.

⬥ No limit in how many times that a contestant can submit. Only the final submission (based on the submission time record) will be accessed.

⬥ Depending on the winning result, contestants will be notified to submit the best quality files.

⬥ Contestants consent the Organiser to use some of the submission as communication materials on media platforms within the network of VFCD 2021, including official owned media channels and partner media channels.


     3. How to submit:

Contestants are all requested to submit the works via the website: https://2020.vfcd.events 

Submission link: http://bit.ly/VFCDcontest_submission 

* Choose your language (English or Vietnamese) in the form



  1. Design thinking (Creativity): 20%
  2. Innovation (ability to digitalise the designs by using science and technology applications): 20%
  3. Symbolic thinking (ability to use and combine graphical and/or visual elements to express or represent Vietnamese cultural context): 20%
  4. Branding Orientation (ability to deliver the message and differ the VFCD to other community projects via designs): 20%
  5. Inspiration (ability to use designs to attract and inspire the community to find more and join the Festival): 20%



⬥ 01 Winning award

⬦ 25,000,000 VND (twenty five millions Vietnam dong)

⬦ Certificate with the signature of the Head of Festival Organisers;

⬦ Being featured & mentioned as the Creative Partner to the VFCD 2021;

⬦ Being invited for a public talk about the graphic design idea for VFCD 2021.


⬥ 03 Inspiring Awards

⬦ 5,000,000 VND / each (five millions Vietnam dong)

⬦ Certificate with the signature of the Head of Festival Organisers;

⬦ Being invited for a public talk about the graphic design idea for VFCD 2021.


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