The art of spreading joy “From ‘I’ to Others”

The event From “I” to Others consisted of two art and movement workshops designed by Choreographer – Art Director Vu Ngoc Khai and Art Educator Nguyen Minh Nam. Under their guidance, participants learned to relax, observe, and reconnect with their own mind and body.

The rush of our daily life often takes away our breath, our connection with our own body, our free soul, and our inner creativity… Sitting in a circle at the workshop, many shared how “as it turns out, we don’t really understand ourselves and our bodies as well as we thought”, and were even amazed at the creativity that were hidden inside them all along. The need to connect and understand one’s self is universal, yet it is not something everyone is aware of.

The workshop From “I” to Others created an open space where participants did not need to take on the role of anyone or anything. They just needed to be themselves, without any judgement or comparison. They got to learn how to relax, wake up each and every muscle of their body to move gently, touch the floor, feel the materials, play with papers and colours, and let their artwork take shape.

The main medium was the participants’ own minds and bodies. At the end of the workshop, they sat down together and shared their thoughts, feelings, and learnings. Everyone felt as if a seed of joy was planted inside, and appreciated even more the things we took for granted – to walk, stand, sit, or lie down. Slow down our life with every breath we take, and feel more with each move we make

From “I” to Others allowed everyone to plant a “seed” of joy inside, let it flourish and create a ripple effect of happiness.


Chii Nguyen