DAY 2 OF THE SEMINAR: CREATIVITY – THE GAME CHANGER: Creating human values is the core of creativity

Day 2 of the seminar series Creativity – The Game Changer started with an exciting morning filled with laughter as well as tears.

Ms. Phi Van started the event with intriguing and touching stories on the future and artificial intelligence (AI), on the ability of humans and technology to control the world. She posed several thought-provoking questions: What are we creating for? What is our purpose in life? Is creativity a tool for us to achieve that purpose? From her perspective, creativity was meant to create human values. According to Phi Van, we needed to be creative in a way that contributes to our purposes in life for a better and sustainable future, bringing values to the communities and society. Whether in the past or the future, human values had to be the focus of creativity.

Continuing on those questions, Mr. Thanh Bui shared his perspective and approach to the concept and process of creativity through his own experience and easy-to-understand examples. To him, humans are distinctive, unique individuals with different creative practices, all of which were worthy of recognition and appreciation. Thanh Bui believed that creativity should be regarded as an attitude, a way of thinking to observe and practice with everything in life. He proposed an easy-to-memorise exercise: ABCD – Always Be Connecting the Dots, always finding connections in things that seem unrelated to one another.

Followed the talk was a Q&A session. The two speakers gracefully, humourously, insightfully, and openly answered questions from the audience. Thanh Bui even spontaneously performed a beat-box rhythm for Phi Van to “rap” her answers. At the end of the session, everyone in the room was surprised and touched by the story of a lady in the audience, recounting the challenges she faced on her way to pursue her passion for art. In response, Phi Van and Thanh Bui both shared their experience, how they determined to do the things they wanted from a young age, regardless of others’ disapproval. What’s important is, whether successful or not, you need to take action, to start doing things you always want to connect with yourself and find out who you are.

In the afternoon of Day 2, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Lan, Senior Director of Content+, Mindshare Vietnam shared her thoughts on the potential of advertising and marketing in the gaming industry. Gaming checks the boxes on 3 stages of the marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. As of today, many brands are looking into games as a way to increase brand awareness and a new approach for advertising. Gaming is considered an incredible promise land in Vietnam for the advertising and marketing industry.

What an emotional and knowledge-fill event!

Chii Nguyen