Design Thinking & Reviving Cheo Art

A workshop on the traditional artform of Cheo and the possibilities engendered by the application of design thinking.

*Important notice*
– This event is for participants aged 19 to 25
– Event organisers will select 30 people to join the event based on their registration submissions. The final list of participants will be announced on 5 Nov 2020.

Design thinking, reviving Chèo art is a workshop co-organised by Vietnam-Japan University – VNU and VNU VIBERS, in collaboration with Vietnam Cheo Theatre and Project Cheo 48h. Sponsored by Asia Research Centre (VNU Hanoi) and May Space Music Academy, the workshop will take place on 8 Nov 2020.

Artists from Vietnam Cheo Theatre and experts from VNU VIBERS, Vietnam-Japan University – VNU, and Project Cheo 48h will provide guidance for a group of young people including 30 students from Vietnam-Japan University and other member institutions of VNU, and others interested in the art of Cheo and design thinking. They will work in teams and apply this method to generate creative solutions, bringing the art of Cheo closer to the youth.

Event programme includes:

1. A seminar on the artform of Cheo with artists from the Vietnam Cheo Theatre, arts practitioners from the project Cheo 48h, and folk culture researchers; and

2. A workshop session on the application of design thinking to generate innovative ideas and solutions to revive Cheo in the contemporary context, bringing Cheo closer to young people

Design thinking is an innovative thinking approach that propels creativity and effective solutions to life and social issues. With this workshop, experts from VNU VIBERS and Vietnam-Japan University wish to spread out knowledge on the method to young people and help them understand as well as apply the process in preserving Vietnamese traditional art & culture in particular, and in contributing to Vietnam’s society in general.

About Vietnam-Japan University

Vietnam-Japan University is a member of Vietnam National University, established following a joint declaration issued by Vietnamese and Japanese governments with the aim to provide high-quality human capital for both countries.


VNU VIBERS is a community for entrepreneurship education comprised of inspiring and influential individuals with the ability to nurture and spread out creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, especially in the university’s teaching and training activities.

About Vietnam Cheo Theatre

Vietnam Cheo Theater (under the Ministry of Culture – Sports & Tourism) focuses on Chèo performance, research and training. The establishment, formerly the Chèo unit in the People’s Central Art Troupe, was founded in 1951 in Viet Bac. From the very first days, the Theatre gathered prominent artisans through a program exploring and learning ancient Cheo. On that foundation, the Theatre successfully revived, revised, and rearranged classic Cheo plays such as: “Quan Am Thi Kinh”, “Luu Binh – Duong Le”, “Xuy Van”, “Tu Thuc”, “Truong Vien”, etc. They also toured locally and internationally, and received notable awards for collectives as well as individuals.

About Cheo 48h

Founded at the beginning of 2014, Cheo 48h works to bring young people closer to a traditional art form that is very unique yet being gradually forgotten, all while spreading the country’s cultural and spiritual values, especially for future generations.


Limited 30 slots

08.11.20 • 08:30→12:00
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Vietnam Cheo Theater
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