Online Exhibition

Skilled Hands, Shared Culture

An exhibition of art, crafts and design works on community cultural practice, a dialogue between artists in Australia and Vietnam.

Online exhibition co-organised by RMIT Gallery, National Vietnam Institute for Culture and Art Studies (VICAS) & Vietcraft

“Culture is a driver and enabler of economic, social and environmental development.” – UNESCO 2013 Creative Economy Report.

This online exhibition explores the important role that art, craft and design practices play in driving and sustaining community development – across cultural, environmental, and economic axes – creating a dialogue between art/craft practitioners in Australia and Vietnam. Creative and cultural practices are integral to maintaining the social and community fabric of many societies, and also have the potential to support more sustainable (economic and environmental) forms of development. And yet artists and makers rarely set out with broad goals of social and community development in mind – the practice comes first.

This exhibition invites artists and makers in Australia and Vietnam to contribute artworks, projects, and cross-cultural dialogue that responds to a range of questions:

· How do informal cultural practices and professional art/craft/design practices coalesce into supporting vibrant communities?

· How do different communities sustain traditional forms of art and craft practice in the wake of rapid development and global challenges?

· How can we create knowledge exchange and dialogue between indigenous makers in Australia and Vietnam?

The exhibition features the works of:

– Vietnam: Le Giang, Nguyen Tan Phat, Nguyen Thi Dung, Nguyen Van Loi, Pham Thi Ngoc Tram, Vu Kim Thu, Van Ngo Trong.

– Australia: Claire Tracey, Grace Lilian Lee, Lindy de Wijn, Michelle Hamer, Muhubo Salieman, Slow Art Collective (Dylan Martorell & Chaco Kato), Vermin (Lia Tabrah & Perina Drummond), Vicki Couzens, Vipoo Srivilasa, Yu Fang Chi,Kieren Karritpul.


About RMIT Gallery

RMIT Gallery is a public art gallery presenting an engaging and thought-provoking program of contemporary exhibitions featuring emerging and established artists and curators. It is committed to showcasing RMIT research outcomes and cultural stories, presenting exhibitions and events that are relevant to the student population and experience.


Established on 1 April 1971 as the Institute of Arts, the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) is a scientific professional unit under management of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, having the functions of researching, implementing scientific activities, and post-graduate training on arts, culture and cultural tourism.

About Vietcraft

Vietcraft is the representative organisation of all handicraft, home décor, home textile and gift manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. It is the leading organization to provide business services to its network of membership and Vietcraft is also the gateway for importers worldwide to do business with handicraft, home décor, and home textile and gift articles in Vietnam.


09.11.20 → 12.03.21
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