Beautiful images from exhibition Weaving Experience into Memory

On November 16, 2020, the exhibition “Weaving Experience into Memory” officially opened at L’Usine Phu My Hung, with the participation of many famous artists and professors. Also at this event, Dr. Nina Yiu & Patrick S. Ford presented the project, from first sketches to final prints on a variety of materials with sophisticated and diverse applications.

The exhibition shows how art and design practice are inseparable and interdependent, as well as the importance of having a solid conceptual base for a successful creative work. The way Patrick Ford and Nina Yiu incorporate their thoughts, experiences and skills into the final product is a creative process that is worth learning. Rarely is a design creative process that is well presented and shared openly like in this exhibition. One can see that two very different and even, perhaps, opposing forces have come together perfectly and fused together to produce the few most compelling and subtle results.

Please see the photos taken of the opening day below.

The exhibition will continue until the end of November 22. 2020.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to see the working process and final pieces of the artists at this exhibition!

Chii Nguyen