HANOI & Creative Cafes

With a profound adoration for Hanoi, Khoi Nguyen led the talk 3 C’s of Hanoi: Culture, Coffee & Creativity and took the audience from “Hanoi, City for Peace” to “Hanoi, Creative City”, from historical to contemporary culture, from the old-school to the modern cup of coffee.

Coffee plays a vital part in the city’s culture. People meet up, go on dates, hang out with friends, and even doing business at the cafe.

Hanoi culture blends into the city’s architectural legacy, which had taken on the fresh new look of unique creative spaces without losing its timeless charm. Creativity becomes the connector, attracting young people and bring a fresh air of creative spirit into a thousand-year-old culture. Be creative to preserve and honour, not to erase the existing values – that is how Hanoians celebrate and pay respect to the city cultural values, which was also the topic Khoi Nguyen explored in the talk. Some of the most notable creative spaces are found in the chicest cafes in the city: Manzi, Vui Studio, Cong ca phe, Ban Cong, and many more.

The event ended on a surprise when Khoi Nguyen presented the before-after images of the exact cafe we were sitting in – a transformation from the past to the present, from an ancient, time-worn building to a bustling cafe that connects people.


Chii Nguyen