“To build the brand is to bring out emotions”

Last weekend, Printopia Studio saw a gathering of people interested in brand-building in the F&B industry, among those were brand owners, graphic and interior desginers, product photographers and other young people looking to define their career path. The talk F&B Branding: Effective Workflow created a platform for an open and honest discussion, with Studio Cohe & Printopia Vietnam sharing their professional experience in the industry.

The F&B industry is growing exponentially and sees an intense competition in the world. In Hanoi and Vietnam, business owners are paying more attention on brand-building. This poses an opportunity for design studios to offer their assistance.

Tran Khanh Quan, Director at Studio Cohe had worked with Cabine Coffee chain, while Hoang Hiep, Studio Cohe Design Director had an extended experience at Golden Gate Group – the owner of various restaurant franchises such as Hutong, SumoBBQ, Daruma, Kichi Kichi, and more. Collaborating in a design studio, they understand the challenges their clients are facing, the principles in marketing, consumers’ preferences, as well as how a F&B design has to meet the requirements in a multi-perspective approach before becoming a part of the brand.

Each studio has their own workflow, however, the essential process is research – design – produce. In the talk, the two speakers addressed the challenges and what needed attention in every phase through specific case studies. In particular, on the final phase – production, Printopia Vice-Director made use of the studio’s publications and equipment as visual examples.

At the end of the talk, the audience got a hands-on look at the design publications and an interesting Q&A session with the speakers. Many stayed afterward to learn more about techniques in printmaking and network with others in the industry.


Chii Nguyen